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Squarespace's (opens in new tab) beautiful templates and professional features make it well worth the effort. That was our verdict when we reviewed this popular website builder earlier this year. It is an interesting website builder with an approach and a feature set which immediately stands out from the competition.

The service has plenty to boast about: intelligent image optimisations, comprehensive social media integration, performance boosting CDN support, image and video galleries, free fonts, interactive chart controls, a powerful blogging platform, professional web store, beautiful templates and the list goes on.

Build your next website for as little as $10.80 per month (opens in new tab)

Build your next website for as little as $10.80 per month (opens in new tab)
With world-class designers creating templates for every use case, Squarespace can help make your idea stand out online. Get started with one of our best-in-class website templates and customize it to fit your needs. Use the exclusive Squarespace voucher code TECHRADAR10 to get that price on the cheapest package.

Until the end of July 2021, you can get an exclusive 10% Squarespace coupon code TECHRADAR10 to build your next project online. The discount is valid only for your first subscription period and renewals will be done at the normal price. However, the code is not valid on domain names or for students.

But the rest - website building, ecommerce templates, email marketing, point of sale - is included in that promotion. You can try the service for 14-days without a credit card to see whether it’s up to your liking and why not use it as a free website builder

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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