Google Cloud's new business app platform requires no coding at all

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Google Cloud has announced the launch of its new Business Application Platform which combines API management with no-code application development as well as automation and data insights capabilities.

The new platform will provide organizations with a consistent way to consume services, data and functionality via APIs while also empowering non-technical employees to quickly build data-driven apps with no coding at all.

According to Google, its Business Application Platform builds on Google Cloud's investments in Apigee API management and AppSheet no-code application development. 

The search giant also plans to add new features to the platform that leverage its expertise in hybrid and multi cloud architectures, AI and machine learning, lifecycle management, security and productivity and collaboration.

API Gateway and AppSheet Automation

In addition to its Business Application Platform, Google Cloud also announced the launch of the beta for its new managed offering API Gateway as well as the fact that AppSheet Automation is now generally available.

API Gateway allows developers to secure and manage their APIs built on Compute Engine, GKE, App Engine and serverless backends (Cloud Functions and Cloud Run) without having to write code for different endpoints or worry about infrastructure configuration or scaling. Google Cloud's new managed offering is built on Envoy and includes features such as authentication, key validation and rate limiting. API Gateway is currently available in beta and the service uses consumption-based and tiered pricing for greater cost flexibility.

While AppSheet already supports a wide variety of data sources including G Suite, mySQL and Salesforce, general availability of Apigee data source for AppSheet allows enterprises to make even more data available to citizen developers in their workforce. Enterprises can use this new data source to build Apigee APIs which require no coding to empower their line-of-business employees to create innovative apps and reduce traditional IT backlog.

Vice president and general manager of Business Application Platform at Google Cloud Amit Zavery provided further insight on the company's new releases in a blog post, saying:

“With these new releases, Google Cloud is focused on enabling enterprises to take innovation beyond the realms of IT and accelerate digital transformation. We are confident the new category of business application platforms will help empower both technical and line of business developers with the core ability to create and extend applications, build and automate workflows, and connect and modernize applications.”

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