GoDaddy share price reaches all-time high amid growing demand for web hosting

GoDaddy offices
(Image credit: GoDaddy)

Growing demand for web hosting has led GoDaddy's share price to rise by 20.2 percent over the past month and the company's stock is currently trading at $82.29 at the time of writing.

As we reported back in April, the global appetite for website building has reached new highs during the pandemic as people around the world look for smarter ways to start their own businesses during this time of economic upheaval.

Earlier this month, GoDaddy reported its financial results for the second quarter revealing that the company has now surpassed 20m paying customers after adding more than 400,000 new customers during Q2 of this year. 

In a press release announcing its second quarter earnings results, GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani provided further insight on the company's success this year, saying:

"Q2 was a very strong quarter for GoDaddy. In addition to delivering great financial results, we found innovative ways to improve our products and allocate resources to drive long-term value for customers and shareholders."

At the same time, searches for "GoDaddy" are up by 140 percent and searches for “GoDaddy promo code 2020” are up an astonishing 3,850 percent based on data from Google Trends.

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