Gmail is getting a machine learning boost for smarter searches

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Searching for emails in Gmail is due to get “more accurate and circumstantial… suggestions."

Previously, search results have relied on things like chips, filters, and operators to help you find that elusive email, but machine learning is soon to make it easier to find what you need. This can be great if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but if you have no more than a vague recollection of an email in the past, this new feature could be a real game-changer.

According to an update on the Google Workspace Updates blog, the company's new ML models should be able to provide more contextual suggestions with “intent matching,” alongside personalized results based on historical activity. 

Gmail boost

General availability has now begun, but it may take a couple of weeks for all users to get access to the improved search tools. Google typically adds more features for its business customers than it does for personal users, but this time, all Workspace (and legacy G Suite Basic and Business) and personal users will be able to use the new tool.

We don’t know if the ML searching capabilities will be limited to browser experiences, as previous updates have been, or whether they will be immediately available in mobile apps, too.

Gmail updates

While the changes will be visually minimal, Google has separately started rolling out a new interface for most customers. Previously available on an opt-in basis, an updated layout is now becoming default for many accounts)

The idea is to bring collaboration tools like Chat and Meet into a central interface to help eliminate the need for users to switch back and forth between tabs. The company has also made changes and enhancements to its Meet video conferencing platform to help smooth out real-time collaboration.

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