Get four months of Tidal for $4/£4

(Image credit: Tidal)

There has never been a better time to try out music streaming service Tidal. Sign up today and you get four months of unlimited streaming for just $4, or £4. 

You don't need a math diploma to work that out. It's a dollar (or a pound) per month. 

That dollar opens the door to one of the very best music streaming services in the world. Tidal has more than 60 million songs. You get unlimited, ad-free access to them with a subscription. But the real appeal of Tidal is in what it does differently. 

More than music

It doesn't just care about music. Tidal also offers over 250,000 HD quality videos. There are official music vids, and much more besides. 

Behind-the-scenes reveals, intimidate interviews with stars and documentary series on some all-time legends, including Prince, are all on there. Tidal X also offers live concerts and festival footage. 

Tidal is not just a music streamer. It lets you get that bit closer to the artists you love, and check out original content you won’t find anywhere else. 

There are great ways to discover new music too. Tidal is packed with curated playlists, not ones put together by a faceless algorithm. And the Tidal team produces its own stack of podcasts, including Rap Radar with Elliott Wilson and B Dot, and Jazz Club.

A peek into the backroom

We are also big fans of the tech behind Tidal. It was the first major streaming service to launch with a real focus on audio quality. Choose the Premium membership and you can stream at 320kbps AAC, which most ears cannot separate from CD quality. Honestly, it’s really good. 

Will only the best do? Tidal also lets you go much further. 

A Tidal HiFi sub raises the quality ceiling for all tracks to lossless 44.1Hz, the same as a CD, using the audiophile favourite FLAC format. There’s also a growing collection of 24-bit Tidal Masters albums, delivered using the Hi-Res MQA format. Music streaming simply does not get any better than this.

A Tidal HiFi sub is perfect if you have a nice pair of headphones or one of the top wireless speakers that support the service, like the brilliant Naim Mu-So.

New ways to experience music

You can also try two of the most exciting developments in digital music through Tidal. Sony Reality 360 uses clever spatial technology to turn a stereo soundstage into a truly three-dimensional one. You’ll hear audio elements behind and above your head, not just around its sides.

Dolby Atmos Music tracks, on the other hand, are specially mastered. The aim is to expand the soundstage so you feel like you’re surrounded by the music you love, not just dipping a toe in it. 

Sony Reality 360 and Dolby Atmos Music are part of the Tidal HiFi subscription. Above that, all you need are an Android phone and a pair of headphones. 

Tidal works with more hardware than you’d likely guess too. It’s not just for your phone, or a Bluetooth speaker connected to it. It works with Sonos gear and with Bluesound’s multi-room speakers. You can get the Tidal app for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV sticks. Check out the Tidal website for the full list of supported devices. 

Access to all that for just $4/£4 for four months? That sounds like an unmissable deal.