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Wii Racing: Balance Board plus Wii Wheel

Wii Fit - no longer all about Yoga!
Wii Fit - no longer all about Yoga!

If you already have a Wii Wheel, such as the one Nintendo shipped with Mario Kart, and the Wii Balance Board shipped with Wii Fit, you'll be glad to hear that an inventive coder has already figured out how to combine the two for the ultimate Wii racing game set-up.

It seems there might be quite a few more interesting ways in which gamers will be able to make use of their Wii Fit Balance Board, which is great news indeed for those gamers who consider Yoga to be more of a chore than a pleasurable pastime!

Break with tradition

Additionally, it's also good news if you are not a great fan of those more traditional racing wheel and pedals setups, which are invariably cumbersome and hard to control.

For eager amateur coders out there, you can get the full low-down (and see the accompanying YouTube video demo) over on Nintendo Wii Fanboy.