Super silent Xbox 360s go on sale

Quiet PC introduces costly new Xbox 360 cases to cut out fan noise

The one major gripe that most Xbox 360 owners have with Microsoft's console is that it is just too loud, with one enterprising PC company launching a new modded 360 this week to solve the issue of the noisy fan.

So now you have another option (other than buying a PS3, of course) with PC customisation specialists Quiet PC launching Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 this month.

Apart from the fact that it looks awful, is almost twice the size and considerably more expensive than an off-the-shelf 360, it seems like Quiet PC have really hit a lucrative seam in the market here. Not.

Quietly expensive

An Xbox 360's innards packed into the company's Lian Li XB-01BM case will be much quieter, due to the use of a single 120mm fan.

You can buy any of the three Xbox 360 models online from Quiet PC's website from £307 the Arcade.

Or you can buy a PlayStation 3 for £299, from pretty much any entertainment or tech retailer. Up to you really…