Nintendo rejected Microsoft's Project Natal technology

Nintendo rejected the tech behind Project Natal

Nintendo rejected the technology that eventually developed into Microsoft's Project Natal, due to concerns over cost, according to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.

According to a report over on CVG, the news comes from a "top insider" at Nintendo's Japanese HQ, which says Israeli firm 3DV Systems showed an early demo of its motion-control technology to Mr Iwata back in 2007.

Iwata rejects Natal

"Iwata only ever invests in something he can guarantee will work for a Nintendo audience," said CVG's source.

"3DV showed off a camera that detected motion in 3D, and had voice recognition - but Iwata was unconvinced he could sell it at a Nintendo price point. He also had some worries around latency during gameplay."

If true, the information confirms 3DV's involvement in the development of Natal. Microsoft bought 3DV in 2009, which strongly indicated that the company was behind Natal's motion-control tech.

Via Edge