New PS3 movie service to be controlled by Move

Move is set to be used as a movie-selection controller in new PS3 streaming service next month
Move is set to be used as a movie-selection controller in new PS3 streaming service next month

Sony has announced yet another movie streaming service in the US this month, with additional news that motion-control Move support is set to follow soon.

US PlayStation owners are to get the new movie streaming service, called VUDU, on November 23, to add to the current choice of Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Sony's own Movie Store.

Move-controlled movies

Sony plans to introduce a user-interface update for the PS3 version of VUDU later in December, which will allow users to control the service using the Move motion-sensing controller.

VUDU was recently acquired by US retail giant Walmart. The service offers PS3 owners high quality HD movie streaming up to up to 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.

"VUDU delivers a massive library of movies to PS3 in true 1080p HD format, providing another choice for PS3 users to experience cinema-quality entertainment in the comfort of their living rooms," reads the SCEA press announcement.

"When the VUDU application launches on November 23, PS3 will be the first and only system with dedicated gaming functionality to offer this service. This partnership further establishes PlayStation Network as the complete home entertainment hub, which includes the latest in gaming, movies, television shows, sports, original programming, internet browsing and social networking.

"Using the VUDU streaming movie service, PS3 owners will be able to conveniently and instantly access more than 4,000 HD movies for all major Hollywood studios on-demand, including new releases available the same day they are released to DVD or Blu-ray Disk. The VUDU streaming movie service also offers great value to PS3 households, with an enormous collection of titles available for only $2 for a two night rental."

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Adam Hartley