Kaz Hirai promoted to VP at Sony

Kaz Hirai promoted to VP at Sony, looking after consumer products and network services

Ex-PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has been promoted to Sony vice president, taking on a much wider role at the consumer electronics giant.

As of 1 April, Sony is set to split its business into two main groups, the Consumer Products and Services Group, and the Professional & Device Solutions Group.

Sony does the VP shuffle

Sony hopes that the forthcoming shift in corporate structure will help to establish the company as the world's top network entertainment and business solutions provider.

Hirai will manage all of Sony's consumer products and network services going forward, with many suggesting he is the natural successor to Sony's current CEO Howard Stringer.

Hirai will continue to look after games and network services, plus also be in charge of TVs, home video, home audio, digital imaging, PCs and mobile products.

Hiroshi Yoshioka will continue to run the firm's components, semiconductors and business services.

Via Andriasang