Jonathan Ross says Natal 'not quite there yet'

Jonathan Ross says Natal is impressive but still in need of some tweaking before launch later this year

British TV personality and radio DJ Jonathan Ross was invited to a secret Microsoft event this week, in order to try out the company's new Project Natal motion control tech.

Known for his love of videogames, Ross concluded that Natal was good, but still in need of some tweaking before its October 2010 launch.

Impressive but not quite there yet

"OK. Before bed. Natal on Xbox impressive. Not quite there yet I think but they have 'til october and if they get it right... sky's the limit," Ross tweeted.

You can see Ross playing Natal over on YouTube as he was filmed at this week's London event playing one of Natal's ball-swatting mini-games.

"They say that by release all lag issues will be resolved and response time should be nearly instant," reads some pop-up text.

MTV Multiplayer had the following to say about the Natal demo:

"I had a pretty large sample size, sitting through 5 demos, capturing about 40 different movements from a variety of journalists. Across those 40 movements, the fastest life-to-screen transition was .08 seconds, while the slowest was .12 seconds. A tenth of a second was the consistent average, though."

"In its current state, Natal is not instant, one-to-one motion capture."

Via Eurogamer