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Nintendo created a 3D Wii prototype to run Mario Kart

Would you buy a 3D Wii to see a 3D Mii?
Would you buy a 3D Wii to see a 3D Mii?

While developing its soon-to-be-launched Nintendo 3DS handheld, Nintendo created a working prototype of a glasses-free 3D Wii, complete with a special version of Mario Kart Wii.

The working model was created to show a sceptical team the possibilities of 3D, which was then transposed to the handheld form factor.

Although we're not expecting to see a 3D-enabled Wii hit the shelves any time soon, it's no surprise to hear that Nintendo has the technology and could bash it out if it wanted to.

3D or not 3D

Motion-sensitive controls certainly lend themselves to a 3D environment, but no doubt the gaming company will wait to see whether 3D TV really takes off in the home before bringing a pure 3D console to market.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan last week and sold out within 24 hours of release.

Whether or not we'll see a similar appetite for the three dimensional console in the UK will be revealed when it launches on iPad 2 day - sorry, we mean 25 March.

Via SiliconEra and Dvice