E3 Microsoft's Xbox 360 keynote

Xbox 360 - all the news coming to this page
Xbox 360 - all the news coming to this page

TechRadar will be covering all the announcements from this year's E3 gaming extravaganza – starting with the Microsoft Xbox conference which is hotly tipped to bring a host of thrilling announcements and the odd surprise.

You can read exactly what has gone on with TechRadar as Microsoft shows its hand – with the likes of a Hulu TV service (following on from the rather spiffy Sky Player for the UK announcement), as well as some key games news all expected.

The Xbox keynote – which will launch E3 – begins at 6.25pm in the UK, so stay logged on for all the news at TechRadar.com.

Keep refreshing this page to keep in touch with all the announcements as they happen, and expect all the in-depth analysis of exactly what it means for gaming, for Microsoft and for its rivals tomorrow.

Live coverage.

8:00 - Microsoft announces Project Natal - a 3D motion caption sensor and voice recognition device that could change the face of gaming.

7.45 - Microsoft will offer 'instant-on' 1080p HD movies, along with free Last.fm to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers and Facebook through its Xbox 360.

7.33 - It's the world's second favourite vaporware - Alan Wake. Looks like its finally going to arrive...

7:30 - Halo 3 ODST coming September 22nd. Secret project alert! Halo Reach is announced for 2010.

7:20 - Forza Motorsport 3 announced - suggestion that it will be the 'definitive racing game of this generation.' Big focus on community

7:10 - Crackdown 2 and Left4Dead 2 get trailers along with Splinter Cell: Conviction. We get an extended demo of the latter.

7:05 - Shadow Complex and Joyride are shown off- the latter is a cartoon driving game that looks excellent and coming this winter to Xbox Live.

7:00 - We get a first glimpse of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360. One of the heros is apparently called 'Suds'.

6:50 - It's a demo of Modern Warfare 2 on stage. Very pretty it is too.

6:40 - Beatles have split - just after Yoko's appearance funnily enough - and we are told to expect 10 games we have never seen before. Tony Hawk comes to the stage to show off his skateboard peripheral

6:35 - Three people singing, that makes the Rock 'Band' even bigger.

6:32 - Beatles Rock Band gets us off to a start - the opening cinematic wins appreciative noises from the crowd.

6:30 - A Rock Band logo makes an appearance, fuelling pre-match talk of musical guests

6:15 - closing in on the launch of the E3 conference with Microsoft's Xbox 360 keynote getting things going from 6:25.

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