Xbox 360 Dashboard update goes live

You can now update your Xbox 360 to the latest version by viisting Xbox Live

Microsoft's Xbox 360 autumn Dashboard update has just gone live. With it, a raft of new features are available to 360 owners with one hefty download. The key thing for some people will be the addition of DivX video playback, although Microsoft is far more keen on promoting its new family-friendly features.

Included is the new Family Timer, which allows parents to set time limits for how long their kids can play games. When the limit is reached, the Xbox 360 shuts down and requires a password to start back up again.

Xbox 360 autumn update is live

Also in the update is the ability to download Xbox Originals - original Xbox games like Halo can be purchased through the Xbox Live service. There are also newly discounted Xbox Live Arcade games.

"This update cements the Xbox 360's position as a media hub - you can access all your stored media files on a home network or download new ones straight off Xbox Live," Jon Hicks, editor of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine, told us. "It's the final touch to a perfect Christmas for the platform: the console already got a massive array of exclusive triple-A games releases, and now it's got the home entertainment features to back it up."

Xbox Live members interested in sharing a few more details about themselves will have the option to go beyond their motto and further personalise their profile with an expanded biog. And there are also some changes to the console's navigation interface, which mainly involve new buttons that give gamers access to the new features.

See the full list of features in our previous story.

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