Future WhatsApp update will let you leave a group quietly

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WhatsApp is finally working on making things less awkward when you want to leave a group chat, by removing the notification that's sent to everyone in the group, except for admins.

After confirming that groups would be expanded to hold up to 512 members, alongside rolling out message reactions and higher file transfers, discretion looks to be the next aim for WhatsApp.

Leaving groups when you feel like it's time to go, can be an anxious moment. This is usually due to the fact that a notification is sent to every member within the group, and you're most likely sent a separate message soon after, as to why you've left.

However, this looks to make it much less awkward in the future for certain situations.

Analysis: Drama will soon be avoided

Leaving a WhatsApp group quietly

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WhatsApp is focusing hard on its communities in 2022, making sure that there's easier ways to not only share content but to leave the group chats when the time comes.

There's always been a feeling of awkwardness when you decide it's time to leave one. It could be work-related, it could be due to attending an event, and you realize that you don't click with others.

But soon, notifications will only alert the admins, which can only be a good thing.

While it's not clear as to when the feature is coming, or which platform it could be coming to first, such as iOS or Android, it's going to be something that many users will breathe a sigh of relief at.

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