brings pro-quality video editing to the home office Apple TV app in action
(Image credit: has unveiled a raft of new features and updates for its remote video collaboration platform in advance of NAB 2022

A new Apple TV 4K app, which allows content professionals to view their video clips in up to 10-bit 4K HDR, will catch the eye. Especially after over 100 professional editors recently took Apple to task for its handling of video editing software Final Cut Pro. 

The new app is intended to harness the Apple TV 4K screen to reproduce high-quality professional screenings outside the studio environment.

“Imagine being able to view a color-correction session from your couch or your office. Or being able to actually see the details of shots that require extensive VFX,” wrote the firm.

From the camera to the cloud 

Cloud integration is also at the top of the agenda for Back in February 2021, the Adobe-owned firm announced Camera to Cloud, a service letting professionals securely transfer video from on-set to post-production suites. 

Now, it has revealed new integration partnerships with Teradek, Atomos, Viviana Cloud, FDX FilmDataBox, and FilmLight. 

Building on a commitment to support filmmakers at every level, will also now connect with iPhone app FiLMiC Pro, easing the process of moving cell phone footage to a video editing tool.

Beefing up security

Fresh security measures have also been introduced by the company. 

A new digital rights management (DRM) tool has been deployed to prevent unauthorized access or sharing of videos and screen-grabs. Content will be encrypted on upload, and viewing can only be authorized through the website, iPhone or Apple TV app.

For admins, two-factor authentication (2FA) has finally arrived. Adding an extra layer of security to logins, 2FA can be switched on account-wide, with colleagues using SMS or authentication apps like Authy, Google, Microsoft, Okta to verify their ID.’s latest announcements follow on from the recent reveal of for Creative Cloud. Playing an increasingly large role in the Adobe ecosphere, the platform now integrates with video effects tool Adobe After Effects (and it’s available free to Creative Cloud subscribers).

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