Facebook shuts down three mobile apps, including fitness tracker Moves

Moves app

Facebook has just consigned three mobile apps to the trash: Moves, Hello and tbh. If you haven't heard of those three, you're not alone – Facebook has decided to can them due to lack of use.

Moves, which Facebook bought in 2014, was an activity app for "fitness tracking without gadgets", instead monitoring walking, cycling and running using sensors and GPS data from your phone.

Unfortunately for Facebook, people are quite keen on gadgets – particularly wrist-worn fitness trackers, which provide far more data than just speed, distance and estimated calorie burn.

You'll no longer be able to log into Moves after July 30, but you can export your data to avoid losing your logs.

Hello, goodbye

Hello – Caller ID & Blocking was an app for Android users in Brazil, the US and Nigeria. It supplemented your phone's address book with extra info from Facebook, which it displayed on-screen when you received a call. For example, Hello would alert you if it was that person's birthday, helping you pretend that you'd remembered.

It was an interesting premise, but Facebook hasn't updated the app since 2015, so it was clearly on borrowed time.

The most surprising of the three is tbh, which launched less than a year ago and was acquired by Facebook in October. This wholesome app was designed for teenagers, allowing them to send anonymous compliments to one another.

Don't be downbeat if you were one of these apps' few fans, though. They might be gone, but Facebook still owns the patents and their legacy could live on through features added to the main Facebook app in the coming months.

Via Android Police

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