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Facebook Live now supports 360-degree video for a more immersive view

(Image credit: Insta360)

Facebook Live is adding a whole new way to stream events and daily goings-on as the streaming platform opens up 360-degree video to all users.

So long as you've got the equipment handy, you can now broadcast 360-degree video live on Facebook almost exactly the same way as a normal airing, including the option to choose what audiences and regions your stream reaches, as well as see comments and reactions.

The news comes to us courtesy of Insta360, which develops its own line of 360-degree cameras for Android and Apple devices.

In the video below, the company shows how to get started with 360-degree streaming on Facebook Live, using its own Insta360 Nano and accompanying app to create a fully functioning livestream in just a few short steps.

In addition to the usual Facebook Live settings, you can change the connection quality up to (or even above) the recommended dose of 4Mbps to help customize a nice balance of good picture and smooth performance.

To use 360-degree video on Facebook Live, you'll need to make sure your compatible camera has its firmware updated to support Facebook Live or set it up manually via the social media site. 

Top Image Credit: Insta360 (via YouTube)