Dead Island 2 DLC is coming in two story-focused expansions, Deep Silver announces

Dead Island 2 screenshot with hammer and massive zombie
(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Deep Silver has revealed that Dead Island 2 DLC expansions are on their way.

Stretching into 2024, the headline of the Dead Island 2 roadmap is two story expansions. The first, called Haus, is coming in late 2023, while the second, 'OLA Festival will be coming in mid-2024. 

Luckily, Deep Silver has furnished us with some pretty fulsome information on both expansions, so we know what zombie-tastic fun we'll be having already.

In Haus, a billionaire's solution to the zompocalypse is to greet it with a techno-death cult and throw in debauchery and, of course, gore. And in SOLA Festival, players will explore the scene where LA's party people can celebrate greenwashing and "save the planet, one rave at a time."

Dead Island 2 DLC hero images

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Alongside the two story expansions, a bunch of cosmetics and skins have been revealed - with some available immediately.

The Premium Character Packs and 'Til Dawn' Collection are both available to download now. The character packs contain a skin, weapons, and the Hell-A Catwalk Collection and are available to buy at digital storefronts now; the 'Til Dawn' Collection is a free update containing a set of skins and unlocks once you reach the Cosplay Unlock Point in the game.

There's also the 'From Dusk Collection that's available "throughout 2023" - you have to be an Amazon Prime member and be able to link your Prime Gaming account to your PROS account to get these rewards. The full instructions are available from Deep Silver here.

If you haven't jumped into Dead Island 2 yet, knowing that there's free content out now, and two chunky story DLCs on their way might just mean now is a great time to gear up and give it a go.

While its take on zombies doesn't really put it among the best horror games in a scare-level sense, Dead Island 2 has still proved to be one of the best single player games of 2023 with its gory zombie-slaying action.

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