Updates galore as Apple issues OS X, iTunes and Podcast upgrades

Updates galore as Apple issues OS X iTunes and Podcast upgrades

Apple has pushed out a host of updates to quite a few of its products this morning, bringing some nifty tweaks to OS X, iOS Podcasts and iTunes Connect.

Up first is OS X, which gets its usual batch of security patches and performance tweaks.

If you're running the OS on the latest Mac Pro or a Retina display toting 15-inch MacBook Pro, you'll be getting better 4K display support, alongside Safari 7.0.3 and improved syncing of contacts and calendars using a USB connection.


On to iTunes, and version 11.2 brings a more intuitive podcast-finding experience for the desktop. On iOS, Podcasts gets Siri support so you can now ask the virtual PA to play you a specific podcast episode.

Other Podcast updates include saving favourite episodes and auto-deleting podcasts that you've listened to to save space.

Fun! You can download the updates from the Mac App Store, from Apple's support site or wait for the inevitable prompts.