Computer desk mashes up Apple design with PC

XYZ's computer desk - Apple design flair with PC functionality

The XYZ Computer Desk is due to hit the market soon, featuring design inspiration from Apple in its cool, wire-free lines and the latest functionality of a high-spec PC.

The history of the product is outlined in no-nonsense terms by the guys at XYZ: “We enjoy the design of the Apple computer range, though on a functional level, PC is preferred. So we designed a desk/computer as beautiful as a Mac but easily upgradeable like a PC.”

No wires

“All computer components and cable management is contained within the thickness of the desk, and when upgrading is required, the desk lid simply flips open. The CDRW/DVD, USB and Hot Keys are located on the side of the desk.”

TechRadar spoke with XYZ who should have more information on cost, availability and specs in the coming days, which we will update you on accordingly.