Google offers $100,000 to anyone who can hack a Chromebook


We all know that all it takes is for one hacker to get lucky, and suddenly a system we thought was secure is blown wide open. Google knows this too. So how can it ensure that its systems remain impenetrable, despite potentially thousands of nefarious types trying to break them?

It turns out that the answer is cold, hard cash.

Since 2010 Google has offered cash prizes, typically between $500 and $15,000, to hackers and security experts who are able to break into its products - the idea being that it is better if they tell Google what the problem is, rather than exploit it or share it. And now it appears that Google has announced its highest bounty yet.

Get Rich or Hack Tryin'

In a blog post titled "Get Rich or Hack Tryin'" the company is now offering $100,000 to anyone who can "persistently compromise" a Chomebook in guest mode - doubling the already large $50,000 reward which has so far remained unclaimed. The thinking behind the doubling is clearly that Google wants to really incentivize people to have a go at breaking in.

Separately, the company has also announced a new bounty on hacks to make Chrome ignore downloads that have been blacklisted by Google. But the reward for this is a mere $1000.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your gun, put your Stetson on and ride your horse to the frontier - it's bounty hackin' time.

(Via PC World.)