Steve Jobs voted 'CEO of the decade'

Everyone's favourite boss, Steve Jobs
Everyone's favourite boss, Steve Jobs

Fortune magazine has taken a close look at the world's best CEOs and has voted the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs, the CEO of the decade.

It has been an extraordinarily busy time for jobs who chose the 2000s as the decade to launch the iPod and iTunes and change the way people consume music forever.

Oh, and alongside creating Apple as a force to be reckoned with in the computing world, his latest endeavour, the Apple iPhone, is currently chipping away at the mobile marketplace.

Career defining

"In the past 10 years alone he has radically and lucratively reordered three markets – music, movies, and mobile telephones – and his impact on his original industry, computing, has only grown," said Fortune magazine about its choice for Jobs.

"Remaking any one business is a career-defining achievement; four is unheard-of.

"Think about that for a moment. Henry Ford altered the course of the nascent auto industry. PanAm's Juan Trippe invented the global airline. Conrad Hilton internationalised American hospitality.

"In all instances, and many more like them, these entrepreneurs turned captains of industry defined a single market that had previously not been dominated by anyone. The industries that Jobs has turned topsy-turvy already existed when he focused on them."