Paddy Power pegs iPad as odds-on favourite name

Place yer bets! The iPad is currently odds-on favourite to win

When high street bookies are taking bets on what a computer is going to be called, you know something is up!

Paddy Power is listing the Apple iPad as its 1/3 favourite out of a list of ten possible names for the new device.

Following a story on the bet published in the Economist, the name iPad soon become the odds-on favourite at the well-known Irish bookmakers.

Place yer bets

We will know just after 6pm later tonight, when Steve Jobs unveils the iPad, iSlate, iTablet or whatever else it might be called.

In the meantime, if you fancy a flutter, you might want to pop round to your local betting shop right now.

Keep an eye on Paddy Power's changing odds here.

Via Gizmag