Mountain Lion hints new iMac and Mac Pro incoming

Mac Pro
Overdue a refresh?

Mountain Lion - Apple's latest version of its OS X operating system - may have just revealed two new desktop computers coming soon.

A couple of new model numbers have been spotted deep in the lines of code for Apple's dual-booting Boot Camp assistant software. These are MP60, thought to be the next Mac Pro tower, and IM130, a new iMac.

Both machines are overdue a refresh. In June Apple updated its MacBook range of laptops, including adding USB 3.0, more storage, quicker Intel chips, and of course that lovely retina display. But it didn't touch its desktop range.

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to an email from a customer in June saying the company was "working on something really great for later next year".

So it seems we might be seeing a new Mac Pro, but not until 2013.

No more optical drive?

The next iMac and Mac Pro could also come without optical drives. Some speculate this will be the case because they're in the section of code in Boot Camp that lets machines boot using a USB drive.

The iMac and Mac pro are Apple's less popular computers. It started selling more laptops than desktops back in 2006. But considering Apple is now in the top five PC manufacturers in the UK, even a relatively low-selling machine is going to make big bucks.

Previous rumours have also hinted we'll see the retina display become standard across all Apple devices, including its fabled TV set. That's so that apps and programs will look the same no matter which device you're using them on.

Via AppleInsider

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