Apple quietly launches new Mac Pro

Apple quietly launches new Mac Pro

The new Apple product announcements didn't end with the WWDC keynote. The company has also rolled out a new Mac Pro desktop computer.

And you can see why Apple chose note to dedicate precious minutes during the lengthy, which included new MacBook Air models, MacBook Pro models and a Retina Display next generation MacBook Pro.

The new desktop titans remain mightily impressive, but it's only a minor spec bump. The basic model now features a 3.2GHz quad-core Xoen processor, 6GB RAM and a 1TB hard-drive.

Further up the scale, the processor is upped to a pair of 2.4GHz six-core processors, which comes with a whopping 12GB RAM and the same 1TB hard-drive.

If you want to go for the Mac Pro Server edition, you'll get s 3.2GHz quad-core Xeon chip with 8GB RAM and two 1TB hard-drives.

Slight spec bump

So what we really have is a speed increase and very little else.

The new Mac Pro family will set you back £2,049, £3,099 and £2,449 respectively and they're available to buy now.

Via: Enadget