Guess who is apparently interested in buying AMD?

Samsung and AMD could become one soon!
Samsung and AMD could become one soon!

Samsung may be considering acquiring AMD if a rumour emanating from Hankooki, the South Korean newspaper equivalent of the Financial Times, is to be believed.

AMD is currently not in the best of shape with its x86 CPU products, finding it harder to keep up with Intel's relentless onslaught while its graphics chips battle out with Nvidia's newly introduced Maxwell GPUs.

The only bright spot has been AMD's slow progression towards an ARM chip and heterogeneous computing on which it seems to have bet everything including the farm.

Is Server IP the key?

The move could prove to be a "win-win for both companies", says Hankooki, as AMD has some unique IP that complements what Samsung has nicely.

In a recent interview with TechRadar Pro, Samsung highlighted how important data centres could be for the company in the future, and while Samsung has all the parts it needs to build a Samsung-branded DC, the only bit missing is a server chip, something that AMD has being toiling on for a while.

Samsung is the latest in a long series of potential suitors for the beleaguered US-based fabless company with Chinese company, Loonson Technology, being the firm before.

Whoever buys AMD will very likely lose access to x86 technology due to a long standing agreement with Intel.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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