CityFibre creates 10,000 network construction jobs

Optical fiber
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CityFibre has revealed that its plans to deploy full fibre infrastructure across the UK will see the creation of 10,000 jobs at local construction partners.

The company is investing up to £4 billion on the rollout, reaching one million homes by 2021 and up to 8 million premises in 62 towns and cities by 2025. The network will look to offer a genuine wholesale alternative to Openreach and Vodafone has been confirmed as the first customer.

A three-year recruitment and training programme will provide opportunities for experienced telecoms workers as well as those with no previous experience.

CityFibre jobs

Every effort will be made to employee people from the same area as where construction is taking place and CityFibre will work with the government and industry bodies to identify those who have lost their jobs as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There will also be a focus on women an those from a black and ethnic minority background, both of which CityFibre says are underrepresented in the construction industry.

Upon successful completion of training, candidates will be introduced to CityFibre’s partners for consideration for network delivery roles.

“We’re delighted to launch our training and recruitment programme creating up to 10,000 jobs in such a critical and vibrant sector,” said Steve Holliday. “The programme will reach deep into our society to include some of those most in need of opportunity. Ultimately, it will ensure the skilled workforce is in place to get the job done and at the same time provide up-skilling and well-paid jobs across more than 100 towns and cities.

“In the wake of the Coronavirus, delivering the Government’s target of full fibre nationwide by 2025 could not be more important. Of all the infrastructure projects and industrial policies under consideration, full fibre will have the biggest impact in the shortest time, and for the least public money. It will help ensure that the UK not only recovers economically, but that it swiftly transitions to a greener, smarter and fairer economy in which to thrive.”

CityFibre has already built several city-based networks and has expanded its footprint through the 2015 acquisition of KCOM’s infrastructure outside Hull and East Yorkshire and the purchase of TalkTalk’s fibre network earlier this year.

In addition to providing wholesale services to broadband operators, CityFibre is increasingly active in the mobile backhaul market, providing operators with fibre links between their base stations and core networks.

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