Carahsoft and Wasabi partner on high-performance cloud storage for public sector

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Public sector IT firm Carahsoft has signed an agreement with "hot" cloud storage provider Wasabi to offer faster and more affordable collaboration and data storage options for government agencies.

Hot cloud storage refers to the most frequently speedily accessed of three tiers of data: hot, warm, and cold. While cloud vendors like AWS and Microsoft Azure have typically differentiated between hot, warm and cold objects in the cloud - both in terms of accessibility and pricing - Wasabi aims to shift this paradigm by providing a low-cost, wholly hot cloud environment. 

Unlike the private sector, however, government agencies like the Department of Homeland Defense and public services like education, justice, and healthcare, cannot simply procure IT solutions from private businesses directly. Instead, the process is tightly regulated, and must pass through a certified intermediary; in this case, Carahsoft. 

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Carahsoft is a NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) holder, which means they have the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the correct certification to mediate between Wasabi and the public sector. 

Like many private businesses, government agencies face the difficult task of dealing with ever more data in a safe, reliable, and affordable way. Wasabi’s take on cloud storage, which promises a faster service at a fraction of the cost of traditional, slower solutions, is thus an enticing offer. If it can deliver on that promise, the public sector may find itself with a faster, cheaper solution - good for public servants and taxpayers.

Wasabi joins the ranks of VMWare, AWS, McAfee, Google, Adobe, and others, whose services Carahsoft provides to government agencies in its role as a GWAC holder. 

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