Sat nav used to help dementia sufferers

Warwickshire Council - using sat nav in a brilliantly novel way

Dementia sufferers in Warwickshire are taking part in a pioneering project which sees their movements tracked by sat nav and fed back to a secured computer.

It is believed that Warwickshire County Council are one of the first to use GPS tracking technology in this way, which maps out sufferers' movements when they are out and about.

Although a US firm is currently working on a pair of shoes fitted with GPS for those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Greater freedom

The use of GPS by Warwickshire Council is all part of a Telecare Service scheme that was set-up in 2007. The service uses a number of devices to help older and disabled people.

Speaking about the project, Dr Graeme Betts, Strategic Director for Adult, Health and Community Services for Warwickshire County Council, said: "New technologies are giving people greater freedom and are promoting independence but only if they are part of a tailor-made care package."

Via Coventry Telegraph