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New billboard transforms for Porsche drivers

Porsche billboard
Wearing a cat on your head has a similar effect, y'know...

Just in case Porsche drivers have forgotten how fortunate they are, a new billboard at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport now reminds them of their specialness via a customised message whenever they drive past.

You'd think cruising around in one of Germany's finest automobiles would be reward enough in itself, but in a world first oncoming Porsches now trigger a change in the digital billboard advertising the Porsche 911 Turbo.

While less fortunate motorists face a standard advertisement showing off the Turbo's irrefutable desirability, anyone recognised as driving a Porsche – leaving them unlikely to need the one being advertised to everyone else – simply has their wise purchasing decision acknowledged via a message reading "It's so easy to pick you out in a crowd."

The change is only triggered when a camera located 300 metres ahead of the billboard recognises a passing Porsche. They do stand out, so writing a program that recognises them amongst a sea of Fords and Toyotas can't have been too difficult.

See the billboard in action in the video below.

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