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New anti-sleep driving alarm headset

New anti-sleep driving headgear - useful for truckers
New anti-sleep driving headgear - useful for truckers

If you’ve ever had the fright of your life nearly falling asleep at the wheel at 70mph on the motorway, then this new anti-sleep driving alarm headset could well be just what you need.

It’s a basic, no-nonsense design. If it senses that your head is drooping 30 degrees or more then it emits a high-pitched alarm to wake you up quick sharp!

Don't drive when tired

Of course, it’s always preferable to not drive when dangerously tired, but this is one of those gadgets that is probably well worth having in the glove compartment if you regularly do long-distance drives.

Just be sure to take it off your head before going to get a coffee at the service station!

Available online at ThinkGeek.