Can't find parking? Ford's mobile app now lets you reserve and pay for a spot

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One of the worst parts about driving - besides being stuck in traffic - is finding parking. We're often left circling aimlessly, looking for a free spot in which to insert our cars. But what if you never have to look for parking again?

Ford's updated FordPass app now lets you do just that. Users can book and pay for parking before they even leave the house. No more aimless circling or fumbling to pay.

Best of all, you don't need to own a Ford to use the app, though Ford owners will get the most use out of it for features like remote start, checking service intervals and requesting roadside assistance.

FordPass works with parking garages in more than 160 cities in the US, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and LA.

All users have to do is look up their destination, and all nearby available parking in the area will be displayed. It's a shame FordPass only searches select parking garages, though, as some areas only offer metered or street parking.

Ford focused

The app lets drivers book and pay for parking via its in-app payment system. You'll have to store your credit or debit card in the app to use it to pay, sort of like Android Pay and Apple Pay, but it only works for parking.

The parking features are powered by ParkWhiz, which you can download separately if all you want to do is reserve and pay for parking.

With the FordPass app, Ford is taking its services beyond building automobiles, hoping to become a mobility company as well.

This isn't a unique approach in the auto industry however, as Toyota made a massive investment in ride-sharing company, Uber. Earlier this year, GM acquired Sidecar for $30 million, and announced it invested $500 million in Uber's rival, Lyft.

FordPass is available to download for both Android and iOS.

Lewis Leong
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