Canyon reveals three impressive-looking city bikes

Canton Commuter
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Canyon has launched a range of three new bikes specifically designed for city riding. The bikes are part of the Commuter range (first launched in 2016), which all have slightly different designs to cater to different riders.

The new bikes go on sale today (December 22), with the Commuter 5 starting at £999 (about $1,300, AU$1,800), the Commuter 6 starting at £1,299 (about $1,700, AU$2,300), and the Commuter 7 starting at £1,599 (about $1,800, AU$2,800). 

Those would be very reasonable prices for a well-specced e-bike, which can easily run to twice as much, but are designed to be a lower-cost option for easier maintenance.

All three models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, but aren't always provided at the sub-£1,000 price point.

It's also interesting to note that all three new Canyon commuter models feature carbon belt drives (like the much more expensive Cowboy 3) rather than a traditional chain, which means a smoother ride and less everyday maintenance.

Key specs

It looks as though all three new bikes may share the same frame, but with different accessories. All are available with both step-over and step-through frames, at the same price, making the range accessible to a wider range of riders.

The Canyon Commuter 5 is the most pared-back of the three, with no mudguards or lights included. That might be a compromise you're willing to make though, because not only is it more affordable than its counterparts, it's also lighter than its counterparts at just 11.38kg for the step-over version, and 11.31kg for the step-through model.

The Commuter 6 looks similar, but comes equipped with Wingee mudguards, a carrier, and pedal-powered front and tail lights, making it more suitable for commuting in inclement weather. It weighs in at 13.11kg for the step-over frame, and 12.96kg for the step-through option.

Canton Commuter

(Image credit: Canyon)

The Commuter 7 boasts a higher-end Shimano groupset, plus quick-release brakes so you can change the pads more easily. Both frame styles tip the scales at 13.12kg. It will sit alongside the flagship Commuter 8, whose specs remain unchanged,

Editor's note: this article mistakenly referred to the new range as e-bikes in its original version. This has now been corrected.

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