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World's first underwater camera goggles announced

Underwater camera goggles
A camera and goggles in one

Underwater digital photography has always been an expensive and risky business. That’s why most photographers opt for a cheap throwaway waterproof film cam that takes a lot of blurry blue pictures, rather than buying underwater housing for their DSLRs and crossing their fingers that there are no leaks.

Swim and shoot

Enter the Digital Camera Swim Mask. Made by Hammacher and Schlemmer, it hopes to fill the entry-level waterproof digicam void. At just £50, the swim-mask-cum-camera has a modest 5-megapixel sensor and can be used up to a depth of 15 feet.

For clear shooting, the mask eyepieces are made from tempered glass that have integrated crosshairs, so that you can even obey the rule of thirds while exploring the deep blue sea.

In-built memory is a bit of a let down. At just 16MB, you will only be able to take 30 images. There is a microSD card slot included, though, if you fancy adding to that number.

The Digital Camera Swim Mask is available in the US from 30 May and costs $99 (£50).