BT says it has already connected up over 100 UK Covid-19 vaccination centres

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BT has revealed more on how it is helping the NHS continue its rollout of the coronavirus vaccine across the UK.

The company has brought full fibre broadband and managed Wi-Fi in over 110 vaccination centres across England and Wales, helping support the vaccine rollout to those most in need.

With 15 million people already vaccinated in just over a month, the speed of the UK's vaccination program has been a rare positive in recent times.

Vaccine rollout

BT says that as the vaccine rollout expands and increases across the UK, reliable Wi-Fi connections are essential in helping the NHS to move as quickly as possible.

Having fast and reliable internet connections allows clinicians to easily access and update patients’ vaccination and medical records via secure mobile devices, no matter which part of the building they are working in.

The company's rollout began on Christmas Eve, and is still continuing as it looks to connect hundreds more vaccination centres over the coming weeks and months, with smaller facilities such as those serving remote location getting special priority. 

BT says it is also offering enhanced levels of customer service to any vaccination centres which rely on BT, EE or Plusnet products, with a dedicated 0800 number set up to allow NHS staff to report any issues with network services so that BT can resolve problems as quickly as possible.

“We’re tremendously proud to have played such an active role in getting the NHS vaccination centres across England and Wales up and running," said Rob Shuter, CEO of BT’s Enterprise business.

"As a critical enabler for the country, we know how vital high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity is for the smooth running of our essential public services, and that’s never been more important. We’ll continue to prioritise urgent work for the NHS to help their incredible front-line staff to save lives and protect the public."

“I’d like to thank the teams across BT and Openreach who have worked tirelessly to design a brand-new service, import equipment from key suppliers and get more than one hundred sites up and running, often within just a few days.”

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