Browser wars: Google Chrome update sets a new standard for the rest to follow

Google Chrome
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Google is rolling out a new feature for its web browser Chrome that will give users easy access to important files held in cloud storage.

According to a new blog post, the Chrome new tab page will soon benefit from a Google Drive integration that helps surface “high priority files” to cut back on search time.

Although the details are scant, the post implies the feature will make intelligence suggestions based on contextual factors, as opposed to simply surfacing each user’s most-used files.

The new Chrome feature is currently being pushed out in waves, but should be available to all users within a couple of weeks.

Google Chrome update

With the rise of remote working, cloud storage now plays a fundamental role in the lives of pretty much all web users. This also means the number of files stored in the cloud has skyrocketed.

To alleviate any associated file management problems, Google is working to make it as easy as possible to locate and dive into specific files, without having to wade through traditional file trees.

The latest Chrome update builds upon an earlier upgrade, which allowed users to search for their Google Drive files via the URL bar. Previously, users had to navigate to the dedicated Google Drive page and perform a search from there.

Rolled out in late 2019, the feature lets users search for files using keywords that correspond to the file title. Alternatively, users can make more granular searches by using commands such as “type:” and “owner:”, which narrow down the results.

The arrival of a Google Drive integration for the new tab page gives users yet another hassle-free route to their most important files.

Further, new synergies between Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) and Google Drive are also likely to help fend off competition from both rival browsers (think Microsoft Edge) and rival cloud storage services (say, OneDrive), as Google looks to reinforce its positions in both markets.

It’s your move, Microsoft.

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