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Facebook adds quality to its apps

Facebook apps to garner certification
Facebook apps to garner certification

Facebook is finally adding some sort of order to its third-party application service, with the introduction of quality certificates.

The certificates will be handed out to applications that pass Facebook's high-quality test. There will be two categories that successful apps can fall under: Great Apps and Verified Apps.

And what's the high-quality test, we hear you shout? Well, to pass the ap(p)titude test, an app must adhere to three standards: "respectfulness", "transparency" and "trustworthiness".

Oh, and makers of the applications have to fork out $375 (£250) for each one submitted.

Money maker

If successful, the quality certificates will be a veritable money spinner for Facebook. If just 10 per cent of apps apply for the certificate, $1.8 million (£1.2 million) revenue will be created.

The website believes, however, that more than half will apply, garnering around $9 million (£6 million).

Each year the certificate will have to be renewed, meaning that Facebook will be able to pocket a further $375 for each and every app registered.

Certified applications will start appearing on Facebook from February 2009.