BlackBerry wants to secure your entire workforce

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BlackBerry has announced a new solution called BlackBerry Digital Workplace that provides users with a simple and secure way to access both corporate on-premise and cloud content.

Being able to access company resources and data remotely empowers today's mobile workforce. However, using a VPN or VDI to do so can fail to safeguard computers, enterprise networks and other endpoints against malware and other cyber threats.

BlackBerry Digital Workplace is based on the company's Zero Trust Architecture and because of this, it eliminates the need for a VPN or VDI solution while providing continuous threat protection by using AI and machine learning in order to enable users to securely work anywhere and from any device.

BlackBerry Digital Workplace

BlackBerry Digital Workplace allows organizations to protect even more users by providing a turnkey solution to quickly onboard or offboard all users. As today's workforce is made up of a mix of full-time employees, contractors, remote workers and partners, organizations require a way to enable this wide range of users to easily access business resources that are protected by firewalls from either company-managed devices or personal devices.

By using BlackBerry Digital Workplace, this mixed workforce can now use their personal devices to access corporate email, calendars, contacts, remote desktop and files with many of the same capabilities that would be available by using a devices that is owned and managed by their organization. With the company's new solution, IT departments can easily wipe all corporate data from a user's personal device without having to worry about a complex enrollment and deprovisioning process.

Executive vice president of enterprise products at BlackBerry, Billy Ho explained how BlackBerry Digital Workplace can help boost productivity without sacrificing security in a press release, saying:

"Unlike traditional workspace products that inhibit productivity in the name of security, BlackBerry Digital Workplace is easy to use and cost-effective, while simultaneously protecting users both online and offline. Built for virtual workers in the digital age, this solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence alongside BlackBerry’s advanced networking and security features to give users an unparalleled level of productivity, security and flexibility.”

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