Backblaze teams up with Fastly CDN to slash egress fees but there's a catch

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Cloud storage firm Backblaze has partnered with edge cloud platform Fastly to provide businesses with a huge financial saving on their egress fees. As part of the partnership Backblaze will offer zero egress fees for all Fastly customers who use Backblaze. "No lock-in, no time limits for any customer at any level" was what a spokesperson told TechRadar Pro.

The catch is that the cost of switching cloud storage provider can be prohibitively high, leaving firms locked into contracts that don't meet their needs. For some Fastly users that want to make use of Backblaze’s cloud storage and backup features, they no longer need to worry about the cost of migration. The only catch is that customers have to migrate at least 50TB of data and store it with Backblaze for at least 12 months.

“Our new collaboration with Fastly, a global edge cloud platform and CDN, offers an integrated solution that will let you store and serve rich media files seamlessly, free from the lock-in fees and functionality of closed 'goliath' cloud storage platforms, and all with free egress from Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to Fastly,” Elton Carneiro, Backblaze’s Director of Partnerships, explained.

Store and save

Most online applications require two essential parts to be working properly: an origin store and a content delivery network. While in theory, customers can switch these whenever they choose, egress fees for leaving a cloud provider may be substantial – and that’s before downtime costs have been factored into the move.

Fastly has gained a reputation for being one of the best CDNs available, offering dynamic content delivery and real-time analysis. Backblaze, meanwhile, has received praise for its simplicity and affordability. Under the new partnership, using Fastly and Backblaze together could save businesses up to 80% on their application storage and network costs when compared to closed platform alternative.

In addition, Backblaze has pledged to cut egress fees by 50% even if companies are moving less than 50TB, while organizations that are still using on-premise solutions could also make some savings.

They also also offer a cloud to cloud migration offer to larger customers who are locked in with other providers. That offer has some terms because BackBlaze literally pays other cloud companies egress fees.

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