AVG beefs up its free antivirus software with extra malware protection


Malware (particularly ransomware) is on the rise, and the pressure is on for antivirus developers to keep up. AVG has responded by adding an extra layer of protection to the 2017 edition of its security toolkit, with new safeguards against malware and unpatched software vulnerabilities.

AVG Antivirus Free now includes real-time protection from zero-second malware – brand new threats that have never been encountered before. This protection comes in the form of a tool called CyberCapture.

CyberCapture is a cloud-based system that isolates suspicious files on your PC while they’re analyzed by AVG's parent company, Avast. The files’ behavior is examined to see whether they behave like like malware, or resemble known threats.

Smarter scanning

AVG Antivirus Free 2017 also includes a new Passive Mode that lets you run two security tools on your PC simultaneously without conflicts, pushed priority updates, and protection from malicious links in emails and online

The 2017 edition of AVG TuneUp now includes a free performance scan that identifies and removes clutter from your PC, much like Piriform CCleaner. There’s also an automatic software updater to patch security vulnerabilities in popular programs including Adobe Reader, Flash, and Google Chrome, whose popularity makes them key targets for criminals. 

Download here: AVG Antivirus Free

Download here: AVG TuneUp