Sony launches new wireless headphones

Sony's latest wireless headphones release in the UK this April
Sony's latest wireless headphones release in the UK this April

Sony has announced two new pairs of headphones, the wireless over-ear MDR-RF865RK system and the in-ear noise-cancelling MDR-NC13 earphones.

If you are a fan of comfortable over-ear cans, then Sony's new wireless headphones may well be worth considering for listening to your tunes or playing console games late into the night without bothering your wife or neighbours (and without the bother or fangle of old-fashioned wires tying you to your hi-fi or console!).

Wireless-ed for sound

Sony's MDR-RF865RK use a 3-channel FM stereo wireless, and have a range of 100 metres, which should be enough even for the biggest "crib", with a rather fetching charging station to keep them fully charged when you are not using them.

Sony is claiming that the new cans will offer listeners an impressive 25 hours of playback on a full charge, although we will wait until we get a review sample in to properly put that claim to test.

With a frequency response of10-22,000Hz, Sony's latest should be capable of reproducing tunes to keep the most hardened audiophile happy. (Well, as happy as hardened audiophiles can be….)

Elsewhere, Sony's new in-ear noise-cancelling MDR-NC13 reduces ambient noise by around 85 per cent, so you can effectively tune out of all the chatter on the bus or train to work.

Sony's new mdr-mc13 noise-cancelling earphones

Powered by a standard AAA battery, Sony is claiming that you should get around 100 hours of listening time from its latest earphones.

Sony's new MDR-RF865RK wireless cans and MDR-NC13 noise cancelling in-ear headphones are out in April, with pricing to be confirmed shortly.

Adam Hartley