Shazam deepens Spotify integration with a new built-in music player

Music to our ears

Shazam is still recognised as the biggest (and possibly best) music identification app, but now it's starting to push beyond its comfort zone.

As of today, people who update their app can now connect their Shazam profile to their Spotify or Rdio accounts. Then, once you have used Shazam, you can listen to that track within the app or instantly add it to a playlist on Spotify.

Users can also browse what others are Shazaming and see what's popular in their city, as well as having the opportunity to see who has joined the 'Shazam Hall of Fame' through Shazam's newly released 'real-time music data'.

Play that funky music

Which records the number of times a track has been Shazamed, meaning you can now see how many others have been looking for the same song as you.

However the best feature has to be the Tinder-ification of the in-app listening post. Now users can press 'play all' on a selection of recommended, trending or previously-Shazamed tracks to simply flick through them by swiping left to move onto the next track or swipe right to save a song.

The new update is available on Android and iOS right now, but only iOS users will be able to use the new Spotify features. However, Shazam promises that Android users will catch up very soon.