Pioneer boosts AV range with new high-end receivers

Quite a remote the Pioneer SC-LX85 has got itself there
Quite a remote the Pioneer SC-LX85 has got itself there

Pioneer has spilled the beans on its latest high-end AV receivers, showing off four new devices that, it claims, recreate audio as close to studio source as possible.

The SC-LX85, SC-LX75, VSX-LX55 and VSX-2021 don't come with the catchiest of names but they can all handle multiple HD audio and video formats.

What's more, the top-end SC-LX85 and SC-LX75 come with Direct Energy HD amplifiers for super-efficient performance with minimal distortion and clever multi-room capabilities that can offer differing channel set-ups.

First the A

These models also offer Hi-bit 32 and hi-sampling audio processing to revive the original sound and again lessen distortion; they both offer a new DAC filter too.

The SC-LX85, SC-LX75 and VSX-LX55 also come with Apple AiPlay compatibility, while all four come with Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad certification.

Each is also DLNA Certified v1.5 and compatible with an optional Bluetooth adapter for wireless music streaming fun.

And now for the V

In terms of video performance, the receivers all offer 1080p 24-fps playback with upscaler to automatically improve standard definition footage to 1080p.

Other features include advanced video adjust for smart adjustments when connecting to displays via HDMI and Stream Smoother to reduce compression noise for better quality images when streaming media online.

The Pioneer VSX-LX55 and VSX-2021 UK release dates are set for July 2011, while it's a wait 'til September for the SC-LX85 and SC-LX75

When it comes to UK pricing, the VSX-2021 and VSX-LX55 will set you back £799.95 and £999.95 respectively, while the higher-spec SC-LX75 comes in at £1499.95 and the SC-LX85 at £1999.95.

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