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B&W: We don't need rapid growth

B&W - doing things its own way
B&W - doing things its own way

Bowers and Wilkins has told TechRadar that it does not need rapid expansion, with the AV specialists quite happy to 'do things at our own pace'.

B&W is a British technology brand which resonates globally, and the company's famed speaker technology remains an enduringly familiar site in the world's audiovisual magazines.

However, the company is keen that its mass market offerings, like the Zeppelin iPod docks, do not compromise the brand's quality tag, and will not change the way it has been operating for decades.

Push at both ends

"We'll continue to push at both the higher-end speciality and mass market segments with more interesting, better sounding products," B&W brand director Daniel Haikin told TechRadar, as part of Brit Week.

"We're not interested in, and don't need, rapid growth so can do things at our own pace and in our own way which, generally speaking, keeps things vital and interesting.

"Which is what got us here in first place."

Fresh produce

The company's next venture is a small but high-end speaker solution, which has got Haikin excited.

"We're launching a new speaker on June 6 which I think is the freshest thing we've made for years," he said.

"It's really small and quite expensive but sounds incredibly good."