AMD CPUs are 2.5x more popular than two years ago, according to Steam hardware survey

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The amount of gamers using AMD processors has exceeded 20% going by Steam’s latest hardware survey, meaning this figure has increased by a factor of 2.5 since the beginning of last year.

The survey for November 2019 shows that 20.5% of Steam users are running with an AMD CPU, and 79.5% with Intel.

If you go back two years (actually a month less than that) to the start of 2018, only 8% of gamers had an AMD processor. However, that did spike massively to 16.6% in June 2018, following the launch of Ryzen 2nd-gen in the spring.

But since last summer, while momentum hasn’t been anything like that, AMD has continued to boost its CPU adoption stats on Steam in a steady manner. And following the launch of Ryzen 3rd-gen in July of this year, it has put on another 2% (almost) to bring us up to where we are now.

The graphics card arena doesn’t look so great for AMD, mind you, as we’ve also heard from other sources recently, with Navi products not making much of an impact going by November’s survey.

15.48% of Steam gamers have an AMD graphics card, compared to 74.55% for Nvidia (and 9.83% for Intel – meaning those with integrated graphics). While AMD is up almost half a percentage point on the previous figure for October, Radeon GPUs have pretty much been at a flat 15% for the last two years, so it’s not much of an increase in the overall picture.

What’s more, the RX 580 and RX 570 remain AMD’s most popular Radeon GPUs, and this year’s RX 5000 series has failed to make much headway, with the RX 5700 XT only having a 0.22% adoption (although at least that is up 0.06% on the previous month).

Nvidia’s graphics cards hold the top 12 spots (with the RX 580 in 13th place), and team green’s offerings are led by the GTX 1060 with a 15.16% adoption among Steam gamers.

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