Alan Wake 2: everything we know so far

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After years of speculation, Alan Wake 2 is finally a reality.

The long-awaited sequel to Remedy's 2010 cult classic was revealed with a sinister CGI reveal trailer premiering at The Game Awards 2021 (opens in new tab) and will mark something of a change for the series. That's because, according to the developer, this next entry will be a full-on survival horror title. Its predecessor, by contrast, is better considered an action game with horror elements. 

Thanks to an Epic Game Store listing, we can confirm that Alan Wake 2 has an "intense atmosphere and a twisted, layered, psychological story". In other words, expect more chills and terror with Alan's next adventure.

Apart from these details, Remedy has kept its lips tightly sealed when it comes to the Alan Wake sequel. Though initially promising to share more information in "summer 2022", that window has been and gone, leaving it somewhat unclear when we'll find out more details about Alan Wake 2.

Until then, we've rounded up all the details we do know about the next entry in the Alan Wake series, right here. So read on for everything we know so far about Alan Wake 2, including all the latest news and rumors.

Alan Wake 2: cut to the chase

  • What is it? The sequel to psychological thriller Alan Wake
  • When can I play it? TBC 2023
  • What can I play it on? PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Epic Game Store)

Alan Wake 2 release date and platforms

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There's a while yet to wait until we can get our hands on the long-awaited Alan Wake sequel. Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will release in 2023, though an exact date hasn't been confirmed.

Remedy has also confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (via Epic Game Store). While Alan Wake Remastered is arriving on Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2022 (likely between September and November), we're not expecting to see Alan Wake 2 arrive on the platform at launch.

Alan Wake 2 trailer

The Game Awards 2021 announcement
Alan Wake 2 was officially announced at The Game Awards 2021 with an announcement trailer lasting just under one minute. The CGI is as dark and ominous as you'd expect, showing a crime scene with a bloody body on an altar before cutting to Alan standing in a road in ever-changing locations amid torrential rain. "This story is about a monster," Alan says. "And monsters wear many faces." 

This certainly seems to be a shift into a more survival horror genre and we can't wait to see how it develops. Check out the trailer below:

Alan Wake 2 news and rumors

Alan Wake 2 crime scene in forest with corpse

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Below, we've rounded up all the latest news and rumors on Alan Wake 2. Details are a bit thin on the ground right now, but we'll update this page as and when we find out more.

No updates in Summer 2022
Despite originally planning to share more details in "summer 2022", Remedy has now pulled away from this. Speaking in its anniversary update this May on YouTube (opens in new tab), Sam Lake, Remedy’s Creative Director, confirmed that while "everything is going well," this isn't the right moment for it.

"Everything with Alan Wake 2 development is going really well. We are deep in production, have a lot of material, and a great deal of the game is playable. But we’ve been talking for the past couple of months and have come to the decision here at Remedy, along with our wonderful publisher Epic Games, that we will not be showing anything big this summer.

“To create a proper, polished demo or a trailer takes a lot of effort, and it’s several months of work that could take away from development. We feel that we have momentum going, and we want to make sure we are creating the best, and first, survival horror game for Remedy," Lake continues.

As such, don't expect to see any new demos or trailers just yet, but you can watch this update in full below:

It'll remain third-person with original voice actors returning
Sam Lake has confirmed on Twitter (opens in new tab) that Alan Wake 2 will be third-person, like the first game, and that voice actors from the original game (Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta) will return for the sequel. 

Crossover with Control
Could Control's AWE expansion hint at what we can expect from Alan Wake 2? It certainly sounds that way. In a PlayStation Blog post (opens in new tab), Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, Sam Lake, hinted at the crossovers between Control and Alan Wake 2.

"With Control, our game from 2019, we established the Remedy Connected Universe, where both Control and Alan Wake exist in the same universe," Lake wrote in the blog post. "AWE, the second expansion of Control, builds a crossover event between the two games, and hints of things to come."

You don't need to play Alan Wake to enjoy the sequel
According to Sam Lake, you don't need to play the first Alan Wake or Alan Wake Remastered to play Alan Wake 2. In the PlayStation Blog post (opens in new tab) announcing the sequel for PS5, Lake said: "I also want to make it clear that playing our previous games is not required in any way to fully enjoy Alan Wake 2, but to those interested it will add to the backstory of it."

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