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Adidas has reinvented your favorite sneakers as clipless cycling shoes

Adidas Velosamba
(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas has released a new cycling shoe based on its classic Samba sneaker, and it looks so much like the original, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference once they're unclipped.

The Samba is one of Adidas' most popular designs, and the cycling version sticks pretty faithfully to its look. The Velosamba (available in white, black, yellow and blue color schemes) has a new outsole designed specifically for cycling, with a full-length reinforced nylon plate for more efficient pedalling.

The three side stripes are reflective for extra safety on the road, and the leather upper has a weatherproof coating to protect it from splashes.

Adidas Velosamba

(Image credit: Adidas)

It's available to order now for $120 / £100 (about AU$150) direct from Adidas.

Back in the saddle

Adidas was once one of the biggest names in cycling footwear, and the company is now starting to get back into the game after a long absence. Late last year, it released its first new clipless shoe in 15 years – simply called The Road Shoe. It resembles a football boot as much as anything, and is aimed at younger riders.

The Velosamba is the company's first ever casual cycling shoe, and we anticipate more styles might be on the horizon considering how many classic sneakers its designers have to choose from.

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