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Detto Tech Move2Mac review

A handy tool for Windows users that have seen the light

Move your files on to a Mac with Move2Mac

Our Verdict

An inexpensive solution for migrating data files from a PC to identical locations on a Mac


  • Easy to set up

    Reasonably fast transfer

    Imports files/settings to user profile


  • Can only transfer data from one PC

    Won't transfer email data

    Some PC files need prior conversion

Making the switch from a PC to a Mac brings a world of common-sense computing. Apple has tried to make the switch as simple as possible with an easy-to-use operating system, but getting your existing work from your PC isn't so straightforward.

Move2Mac is a software solution that transfers your files and data from your PC to your Mac using a special USB transfer cable. Initially, you run the application on your PC so it can scour the hard disk for files. Once Move2Mac has found all the files it recognises, it presents you with a list of the file types that can be transferred. Select all the file types you want - we selected all of them - and then it's time to install the software on your Mac.

The Mac application really just acts as a transfer client and asks you to plug in the USB transfer cable between your computers. The data is then automatically copied to the appropriate location on your new Mac: Desktop files are copied to the Desktop and your documents pictures and music files are all transferred to the relevant folders.

Other files that were scattered throughout your PC's hard drive are also collected, including database files and HTML files, into a Move2Mac folder in your User directory.

The process is simple, but it doesn't do everything you need. Internet Explorer Favorites are converted to IE for the Mac, but Outlook and other email clients aren't supported, which is a big failing for any migration product.

Additionally, some file formats need converting prior to being imported and so the promised simplicity quickly fades away. The migration is also only one way, preventing you from using the software afterwards as a transfer or backup tool, which is a pity. If your PC isn't networked and you don't have a CD burner, Move2Mac offers a convenient and quick way of copying data from one computer to another. Ed Haynes