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Intel Turbo Memory

The gem in the crown of Intel's new processors

Turbo Memory is implemented as either a 512MB or 1GB option

Our Verdict

There's no denying it - Intel is onto a winner here


  • Fast and reliable

    Low power usage


  • Little effect on throughput

Deployed as part of the new Centrino Duo and Pro platforms, Turbo Memory is implemented as either a 512MB or 1GB option alongside whatever SATA drive is installed. The caching scheme is actually intelligent enough to learn your usage habits, and it can take a few sessions to get the best from the system.

While Turbo Memory isn't going to provide big improvements throughput, it should excel at application loading. From our testing, the PCMark 05 'XP Startup' results - generated on the fourth consecutive run, hibernated between runs so that Vista could learn the process - gave us 9MB/s, trumping all but pure flash memory. An application loading score of 7.8MB/s just reinforces this speed increase.

Indeed a demo utilising Google Earth and Photoshop Elements completed in 56 seconds with Turbo Memory, while it took 126 seconds without. The combination of benefits makes Turbo Memory attractive. You'll get an increase in application responsiveness, increased battery life and reliability through improved ruggedness. Intel is on to a real winner here.